October 29th
The Devil's Verse
by will martinez

the dark overlord has risen
escaped from inside his prison
imprisoned inside a prism
for overthrowing the system
he is driven by his ambition
persistent with such precision
omniscient and always vigilant
you’re victim, if you resist him
the schism that is within him
the source of his greatest wisdom
has existed ever since his baptism
which turned into an exorcism
because the attempt at a division
caused a cataclysm
detailed explicitly in your catechism...

Part I
A monster.
You concur.
I conquer.
You’re under.
I prosper.
You’re indoors.
While I’m on top of the world.
With my mind.
Designing divine chakra.
My aura is horror.
Explore the prose of those foes
who chose to ignore us,
when we raised our swords up.
Their bodies will lie before us.

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