October 22nd
The Erraticism
by arti gollapudi

It is hard to find the exact point of when it started and how it began- it felt somewhat beyond temporality to her. Sometimes it happened while she was deep in nightmares of the death of loved ones or getting lost while enveloped in sandstorms. Sometimes it happened in the middle of walking up fifth avenue staring at sequin dresses illuminated by sunlight peering in alongside her. More often than not it happened just as she approached male humans or during moments of importance such as an important interview. The aggression would approach quicker and quicker as a male human’s skin touched hers but no premonition or feeling would warn her. Instead, it was a wave of bloody exorcism, and there it would be. A surprise appearance by the devil herself all over her.

It is important to note the inability to track the exorcism. Doctors around the globe have studied her & tried to see that perhaps it happened cyclically but was proven wrong each time it appeared after a random jumble of days or months. No amount of preparation could avoid the event. Days she was prepared nothing happened and days she left the house free of care it occurred.

Once on a crowded train the devil dripped through down towards her pastel heels.

Once in a fitting room forcing her to purchase all the articles of clothing the devil had touched.

The devil; the irregular period.

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