October 26th
by akmal tajihan

Mom: Hey honey. Dad and I are coming home early from the lake house. Dad swallowed a salmon whole and doesn’t feel great.

Son: Again!? Is he ok?

Mom: he’s fine. What are you doing honey?

Son: coming home from the movies. Just saw the joker with Elidebeth

Mom: joker. Nice

Son: yeah it ruled. Of course Elidebeth didn’t GET IT

Mom: of course

Son: of course

Mom: There’s traffic but we should be home in 3 hours

Son: ok drive safe.

20 minutes later

Son: hey mom there’s someone standing in our driveway.

Mom: what? Who is it honey?

Son: not sure... I’m pulling up I’ll check it out. If he’s weird I’ll beat his ass

Mom: okay honey be careful please

10 minutes later

Mom: honey who was it? Are you ok?

Mom: honey I’m worried

Son: mom. Do I have a twin?

Mom: honey....... who was in the driveway?

Son: he says he’s my twin.

Mom: listen honey.... it’s complicated! Do not let him in the house! I can explain it when I get home!

Son: we look exactly the same. He’s showing me baby pictures. You sent him off to an insane asylum!?

Mom: honey it’s more complicated than that! I’m calling the police. Please stay away from him.

Son: they branded his hands! This is disgusting! The joker wouldn’t even do something like this!!

We see a pic of the twin’s hands he’s got the words HELL branded on them!

Mom: okay honey I can explain! When he was born he was different! He was violent and evil! He tried to kill you when you guys were just 3 years old! We took him to a therapist and the therapist said he was a psychopath and we needed to send him to an institution in Connecticut! It’s a nice facility! They didn’t brand him! He did that himself!!

Son: ...... He’s in the bathroom yelling at himself

Son: he just said he’s going to kill us and sacrifice us to the devil....

Mom: okay honey go hide in our bedroom... I have a cross in my drawer grab it and hold it close!! The police are on their way!

Son: a cross? Mom I’m a man of science. How is a phony religious symbol gonna help me?

Mom: honey...... I haven’t been totally honest with you...

Mom: your brother is the son of the devil.

Son: Mom... What the heck are you talking about right now!

Mom: we had such a hard time getting pregnant we were desperate. We met a man in a black cloak who said he would help us. We were desperate honey!! We signed a contract. It all happened so fast.

Son: mom this is effed! Oh god he’s in the room! I can’t find this stupid cross where is it!

Mom: it’s in my drawer near my bed! It’s the only way you could stop him!!

Mom: did you find it?

Mom: we’re 30 minutes away the police said they’re almost there

Mom: honey?

Mom: please answer me!

Mom: honey!!?

Mom: oh no

Son: hi miss this is the police. We found your sons in a struggle and had to shoot the crazy one. I’m sorry but he’s dead. Your normal son is okay. Here’s a pic of us.

In the photo we see the cops with the son. You can see the other son, dead in the background. And if you zoom in. You see the branding on the sons hands. The brand says HELL

Mom: oh no.... police... you guys got the wrong son!! Police!! Honey no!!!

Son: hi mommy. Long time no see. I missed you. I’m sorry but I made a mess at home. Please don’t be mad

Mom: oh no...... honey

Dad: hey son I swallowed a whole salmon again!

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