October 21st
by amanda breen

Darkness overwhelms,
Light is few and far between.
I’m suffocating.

Each time the lights go,
I fear they might not return.
Footsteps get closer.

The humid night air,
Creeps in through a cracked window.
I’m suffocating.

Restrained in darkness,
With heightened fear and senses.
Helpless and frozen.

Strong hands are squeezing,
Tightly around my body.
I’m suffocating.

I fight to be free,
Struggling to unbound myself.
I was firm and strong.

I long to be mine,
Outside this home and alone.
I’m suffocating.

I’m hers forever,
Until sickness do us part.
There is no ransom.

I spy her image,
Reflected in a blurred mirror.
I’m suffocating.

She has a new friend,
Scruffy, with a thick cologne.
We struggle to breathe.

Being a twin assists,
But I know she feels the same.
We’re suffocating.

When he arrives home,
He puts his warm mouth on us.
She enjoys it all.

The power goes out,
Bringing the sweat of terror.
We’re suffocating.

Cotton irritates.
Peacefully, she falls asleep.
Still, we lie awake.

Wishing I could move,
Or itch, or speak, or even cry.
We’re suffocating.

Morning soon will come,
Bringing light and fresh showers.
We dream of those times.

Marks from stretch and from,
Warped twisted underwire.
We’re suffocating.

Even when we were just teens.
She longed for better.

People always stare,
She found refugee in sports bras.
We’re suffocating.

Two weightless pillows,
Flapping around as she runs.
Marge loves us anyways.

An excerpt from “The Diary of Marge’s Boobs”*.
*Coming Oct. 2020

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