October 9th
Things in the Woods
by amir khan

Me and Ryan were best buddies, we were the only kids in all of Terra middle school who had the same interests. What can I say? We were easy prey. I guess you could say we were kind of the artsy kids in school. We liked to draw, listen to racist music, and cry in the locker rooms during gym class.

After we got to my house after school every day, we did two things: grab our sketchbooks and go to the woods. Along the way we would find random things left by travelers or hobos. One time we found a hot dog and Ryan ate it, truly upsetting. However on a normal day, we would find stuff like clothes, empty liquor bottles, sometimes old titty mags. This day was a bit different though.

Ryan was walking a little bit ahead of me, and I could tell he found something a few feet ahead by the way his pace picked up. I followed as close as I could, but when I saw Ryan pick up this rolled up bunch of papers, I was shocked and couldn't move. He immediately started trembling, and I could just tell something was wrong with Ryan, my best buddy. I asked him, "Dude, what the fuck? Can you fucking chill for one moment?" and as soon I finished asking him that legendary question, he turned to me and showed me what was in his hands. I pissed myself tremendously.

We both sat down on a nearby rock and stared at the front cover of this stapled bunch of papers. It was something that was more terrifying than anything we could have even ever dreamed of. Our eyes shook as we read…

As soon as we finished this screenplay, we knew one thing: WE WERE SCARED. Ryan turned into a donkey and I rode him home lol.

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