October 25th
by jordan myrick

Throbbing. Pulsing. An unrelenting jabbing. Something inside my body is trying to kill me.

I toss and turn as I violently sweat and pray for the end of this endless pounding.

I hear a faint whisper: "Die, Bitch"

I am sure I am hallucinating.

I stumble down my stairs and hail a cab. I climb inside.

“The hospital, please.”

“Are you okay if we take Die, Bitch to get there?”


He says nothing. I close my eyes and when I open them again I’m in the hospital with a doctor standing over me.

“It’s looking like you have a bad case of Die, Bitch and we’ll have to remove it immediately.”

A nurse enters the room.

“Please open your mouth because I’m going to take your Die, Bitch and I know you’re in a lot of Die, Bitch so we’re going to Die you some Bitch so you Die, Bitch.”

The anesthesiologist enters the room.

"Okay, I’m just going to stick this in your arm and you can count backwards from Die, Bitch.”

I feel a pinch, then a burn, and then I count backwards.

“Die, Bitch; Die, Bitch; Die…”

I’m awoken by high pitched beeping. I struggle to open my eyes. Next to me, on the side table, is a jar filled with pus and organs. I smile my most smug smile.

“Who’s the bitch now?”

“Hey, Jordan! You awake?”

The surgeon enters the room.

"I just wanted to come in and see how you’re doing after surgery…and say DIE, BITCH!"

He plunges a scalpel through my forehead. Blood shoots everywhere, covering his face. He opens his mouth, drinking the blood as it spurts out of my skull.

He smirks.

“I’m The Bitch."

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