October 19th
by jon wan

Ok so the first thing you need to know is that I am a gay-ass teenager. Nobody knows I am gay though, obviously. If they did, that would be insane. My name is Farlowe. I live in a village in a small stone home. We wear robes and shit. All the teenagers wear mustard colored robes but mine is red because once I was chopping the head off a chicken and a bit of blood splashed onto my robe. It left a bunch of marks which I thought was really fucking stupid. So the next day, I gathered a whole bunch of berries, put them in a big vat, tossed my robe in the vat and dyed it all red. People were like “Farlowe, you can’t do that” and I was like who actually cares though it’s just a robe. Do you get it? They wear yellow but I wear red. But actually, this part doesn’t matter, it’s neither here nor there.

It’s a pretty pastoral life. My parents have a little farm: one pig, two sheep, two cows and a goat with a lazy eye. But we mostly have a lot of chickens. The chickens are cool but also like, whatever. We have a shit ton of eggs each morning that I have to go and collect and then bring them down to the market. It’s a long walk to market, but I like it alright because I like the smell of wildflowers and grass and stuff. Also I like to carry the basket full of eggs, swing it around and be a lil’ fairy. Also I’ll do anything for a chance to leave our sleepy village. What a fucking snoozefest. There is this one stretch of trees on the walk to market that smell literally like cum, and I like it. Every time time I cum, I like to rub a little bit onto my finger and sniff it. But actually, that’s really neither here nor there.

So there I was standing in the market square. I was standing right in the center by the statue fountain of the three naked ladies holding vases. The water came out of the vases. I knew I was gay because all of my other straight-ass friends would always be like “Farlowe, aren’t those statues so hot?” and I would be like “....sure….” but really the hot statue was around the corner of the naked man with the juicy butt holding a sword. Omg was it juicy. Juicy and thick and ready to smash into my face. Spank spank! If he came to life I would ride his fucking dick raw. But Ugh! This is really neither here nor there!

So I was waiting by the fountain for the dusty-ass baker, Mr. Krack, to meet me so that he could give me that coin, bish! Then I would need to hit up the apothecary and buy some herbal shit for the village and also herbal shit for my mum so that my papa could make her a soup so she would stop coughing blood. Sad, but like, half of the village is dying. Some disease or something, no one can figure it out. People die all the time, though, and it doesn’t bother me. The only person I miss who is dead was my best friend Marcus who was bit by a wolf. He had emerald green eyes just like me. He died when we were six. That was ten years ago today. Everyone told him at the time that he was too young to be a shepherd, and honestly, they were right.

Just when I was ready to blow this whole fucking joint, Mr. Krack comes stumbling into view. Not to be rude, but he is really big. And not in like a joyful or awesome way, but in like a ‘are you a baker because you are sad’ kind of way. Rewind, I actually don’t care what size he is, I can just tell he’s a little sad and bakes to like escape or he like eats his feelings or something. I can tell when people are sad, it’s kind of like my gift.

“Hey-a there Farlowe m’Boy! You have my eggs for me?” He smiled, but then his lips kind of quivered in this weird way.
“Yeah, here they are, ninety-nine eggs per usual.”
“M’Boy! Thank you and your family for these wonderful eggs!”
“Honestly, I don’t know why you don’t just get one hundred eggs from us.”
“Why m’Boy, if I got a hundred eggs, it’d be one more than I’d need!”
“Yeah but like ninety nine is so random. Just get like one more, it’s so stupid.” I shoved over the basket of eggs. He put the basket down and grabbed me firmly by the shoulders and put his face so close to my face that I couldn’t focus on his eyes.

“M’Boy, nothing in this life is random.”

I ripped myself away from his grip and ran out of the square. Ew what in the actual fuck was that? He was touching me. I looked at my shoulder, there were bruises. Wait...was that hot? No, ew, no. Ugh. I decided Mr. Krack was not sad, he was insane. What in the actual fuck though was that even? Ugh, whatever, it was neither here nor there...I guess? I went to the apothecary to get the herbs then ran home.

When I got back home the sun was setting. I was out of breath. My papa was standing outside our door.

“Farlowe, what’s taken you so long! Your Mum is coughing up blood!”
“I’m sorry,” I muttered, “shit got crazy at the market.”
Smack. He smacked my shoulder. “Watch your language! You know swearing is for the nasty. Are you a nasty boy with a devil’s tongue?”
Yes, I thought to myself. I am if I’m eating out sword man’s juicy ass. “...sorry.”
“What was that for??” He ignored me.
It was a bad day for shoulders, I guess.
“We’re running behind. Now go join the others for the moon walk while I boil the herbs for your mother.” He took some of the herbs from my bundle.
“Ugh, do I have to? I’ll clean the stables instead! Please Papa, anything!”
“Nonsense, Farlowe! You will join the others. You remember what happened to young Marcus!...don’t you?”

Yes, how could I forget.


I joined the other village boys at the edge of the forest. One of the elders was passing out lanterns. Another was standing by a large stone. It was Elder Porsha.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Farlowe.” He had strong smooth arms and a shiny bald head, but you couldn’t see it now because he had his hood up. He was holding a torch that lit up one side of his face.
“Sorry, shit got --- the market was busy today.” I handed him the remaining bundle of herbs. He gave a half smile.
“Thank you, Farlowe.” He said in his deep raspy voice...ooo...spank spank! He lit the end of the bundle with his torch then smothered the burning end into a rock. The herbs smoked and it smelled like shit. He divided them up into smaller handfuls and passed them out to the rest of us boys.
“Now you all know the drill,” he said to us. Walk a mile into the forest then leave your bundle on a stone. The smoke should throw off any scent trails the wolves may have on us. When you’re done, return immediately. And if you don’t make it back… well, do make it back gentlemen.” He laughed. I didn’t see what was so funny. Whatever, at least it was time away from the village.

I grabbed a lantern and a bundle and started on my route into the forest. My usual walking partner, Raul, was ‘sick’ with the ‘plague’ so I was alone today. I think he was just chicken. Anyways I was on my own today. Terrance offered to join me but like all Terrance did nowadays was talk non-stop about the one time he drank milk straight from a cow’s udder so I was like, “...No Thank You Terrance.” Hair fucking flip. Plus, I’d done this for over two years now every full moon, so it was truly no big deal.

The Elder Council told us that they need the ‘young men’ of the town to make the smoke wall because like our ‘blood was still maturing’ and that the wolves wouldn’t be able to smell us as strongly or some bogus crap like that. I think they wanted us to do it because they thought we were expendable.Whatever, no one had seen a wolf in ten years and I liked my moon-walk route. It ended right by a majestic waterfall. When I got to the waterfall, I sat on a stone and smothered some of my bundle’s ash into the rock face. I put the lantern down and looked up at the moon in the clearing. Ah. This was nice. Quiet. I thought maybe I would sleep here and just walk back tomorrow morning. I took a deep breath.

A twig snapped.
I snapped my neck around.

“Who’s there?”

Nothing. A few crickets chirped. Then, silence. A wind rustled through the trees. All right, I was just freaking myself out. I picked up my lantern and walked down the small hill to get closer to the stream to get a sip of water before walking back. Probably just a rabbit. I put the lantern down on the ground, took off my robe so it wouldn’t get wet and knelt to get a sip of water. The water was cool and fresh. Ah. Then a dark shape on the other side of the stream shot between the trees. I couldn’t make out what it was, but the glow of the moon outlined something large. I jumped and moved to pick up the lantern but fumbled. The lantern fell on its side and rolled into the stream. Shit. This was bad.

I picked up my robe, threw it back on and ran back up the hill. This couldn’t be happening… not to me! I heard splashing. It was crossing the river, fast. All I would have to do was stay in my smoke trail, and my scent trail would become invisible. I got to the top of the hill and looked back. Nothing. Phew. I inhaled the smell of the smoke. That was fucking close. I turned around. Smack. A blow knocked me to the ground. My vision got blurry. I felt a paw hold down my neck. I pushed the leg away, but the claw caught onto my robe. The robe ripped away from me. I got up and ran a few paces but was knocked again to the ground. The paw was stiff on my neck. A low growl froze my entire body. It brushed its fangs against my neck. Drool hit my cheek. I tried to scream but a furry hand covered my mouth… a hand?

I blinked my eyes and a dark snout came into vision. Fuck, this was it. I was going to die. I was going to be eaten by a wolf. What a stupid way to die. Get it over with, kill me already. Fucking kill me already. Kill me. But then the pressure on my neck lessened. My vision came back into focus. The snout shrunk into a nose and the body of a wolf morphed into a muscled figure. The warm body pressed hard against me. It had a smooth and even coat of dark hair. The hand lifted off my mouth. The moon’s glow illuminated a pair of emerald green eyes.

No. It couldn’t be.

“Yes, I’m surprised you remembered me.”
“You can’t be. I saw your bloody body get dragged into the forest. You were completely limp.”
How could I forget.

His chest and shoulders were broad. He had dark wavy hair. He smelled like earth, sweat, and blood. Musk. His nipples were rock hard. He smiled.
“I was breathing, but barely. The hunters brought my body back to the Wolf Mother, and she had pity on me because I was so young. The hunters weren’t supposed to attack children. She brought my body to the waterfall, and I was healed by the water and the spirit of the Full Moon. But the wolf-bite left me half in their world and half human. I wanted to go back to the village but I knew the Elders would kill me, hang me or something. So I stayed with the wolves. Where else was I to go? They fed me. Raised me. And now I help protect the forest from Men who treat it with no respect. I’m their guardian you see. I belong with them and they need me. But I digress, it’s really neither here nor there.”

I was in shock, Marcus was alive, next to me, and completely naked, or, well, fur-naked. He jumped off me and sat with his back against a tree. I got up, walked a few steps away and sat on a stump. The moon lit his rippled abs and veiny arms. There he was. Alive. Sexy. Some sort of... human beast.

“I would have left the surrounding forest altogether, gone deeper into the woods, but there was one thing that kept me around.”
“You, Farlowe.” He came towards me, morphed into a wolf and nuzzled his nose into my armpit. He licked my bruised shoulder. He morphed back into a human. He hugged me.
“You, my best friend. I wanted to let you know I was okay, that I was alive.”
He was alive. He was alive. And I had a massive boner.
“I missed you too Marcus. This is...insane.”
He put his hand on my leg. I put my hand on his hand. He pushed his hand into my crotch and squeezed. I let out a moan. I pushed him away, but he held me tighter. I pulled him close to me. We rolled onto the earthen floor. He licked my neck and cruised his hands up and down my body. He kissed me, sucked the fucking life out of me. I gasped for air. I kissed him back. I licked his nipples and smacked his juicy ass. I felt his massive wolf dick between my thighs. He took my wrists and held them above my head. He howled. We tumbled on the ground for a while.
Then, we stopped. We were both out of breath.
He looked at me and we stared into each other’s eyes. I could lie here forever listening to the sound of rushing water.
“It’s too late for you to go back to the village now, it’s not safe. Others may be hunting. I know a cave nearby.” He ran his hand behind my ear.
“Stay with me.”


I sat naked on the cave floor and stared at the full moon through the waterfall. Marcus was fast asleep, curled up in a ball. He was in human form, but still looked like a pup. His body rose and fell with each breath. I rubbed my shoulders. There were more bruises, but good ones. He fucked the shit outta me. It was a night I’d never forget, too good to be true. Too good...I mean who could have known then that a war was upon us? Who could have known then all the death and darkness to come? That the world as we knew it would change forever? I didn’t. I couldn’t have. But really, it’s neither here nor there...sitting crossed legged and looking at the moon, I was just here, and now.

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